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We offer expert front car repairs in Melbourne

Front-end damage can happen to your vehicle in a variety of ways, and sometimes it can be pretty serious. We know getting your car repaired can be very stressful, whether you are at fault or not, so we do everything we can to make the process as easy for you as possible.

That's why we help you with insurance claims and work with over 30 major insurance companies. We can organise the quote, assessments, and front-end damage repairs.

We also provide accident replacement vehicles while we carry out repairs, keeping you mobile. At Sheen, we are expert panel beaters and paint technicians, which is why all our repair work comes with a lifetime guarantee. Enjoy peace of mind when you repair your car with Sheen.

Vehicle front-end experts

When your vehicle receives a front-end smash, contact Sheen immediately. We can be there to tow your vehicle to our nearest auto body repairs shop. Our expert team quickly and proficiently repair the front end of all vehicle makes and models.

Our insurer-approved Melbourne panel beater at the computer, making a claim.

Keep moving with accident Replacement vehicles

We’re committed to keeping you driving after an accident. You can even borrow one of our cars while we fix yours. We have a fleet of over 500 accident replacement vehicles from passenger cars to commercial vans and utes ready to keep you mobile. It’s all part of the Sheen difference.

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Looking for fleet services for your business?

If you need a fast and reliable feet partner, look no further than Sheen. Your dedicated account manager can organise a door-to-door service when any of your vehicles are out of action, minimising disruptions to your business. Get in touch with the team to discuss how our fleet services can help keep you moving.

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See our recent work

Here's a snapshot of our recent vehicle restorations. If you need a car door replaced, bumper repairs, or a complete replacement — contact Sheen today for major or minor accident repairs.

Why choose Sheen?

Road incidents are stressful. At Sheen, we provide high-quality and cost-effective smash repair services for all types of accidents, including front-end collisions and rear-end smashes.

  • Experience restoring all vehicle makes and models
  • Latest in panel and paint technology
  • Up-to-date I-CAR training
  • Lifetime guarantees on all repairs

Not only can we fix your car, but we can help you navigate the insurance process. We also provide accident replacement vehicles so you can focus on getting on with your life while we perform the highest standard of smash repairs to your car.

Our insurer-approved Melbourne panel beater at the computer, making a claim.


We use a seamless four-step process to repair vehicle front-ends.

Two Sheen workers trying to fix the front of a wrecked vehicle.


Contact us

Get in touch with Sheen via phone or upload your smash to get started on repairs and your insurance claim.

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Drop off or pickup

To get a quote, bring your vehicle to your nearest workshop, or have it towed by Sheen.

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Repairs begin

Drive away in an accident replacement vehicle while our team starts to repair your vehicle.


Pick up

Your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition. You can pick it up or we can deliver it to you.


Call Sheen first

If you've been in a smash, get in touch with Sheen and we'll walk you through the repair and insurance process.


Tow or drop off vehicle

Bring your vehicle to your nearest Sheen or arrange for our towing team to collect it. We'll then give an estimate on the collision repair cost.


Vehicle is restored

The team will conduct in-depth front-end repair services. We’ll also provide a replacement vehicle.


Collect vehicle

Once we've repaired your vehicle to pre-accident condition, you can pick it up or arrange delivery.

Making a claim

Been in a smash and need to make a claim? Give the Sheen team a call first. We'll explain the repair process and provide guidance, no matter who was at fault.

  • Work with a range of major insurers
  • Provide prompt repair quotes
  • Negotiate with your insurer on final repair costs
  • Carry out insurer-approved repairs

No matter your insurance provider, call us first following an accident so we can help you navigate the next steps.

Our insurer-approved Melbourne panel beater at the computer, making a claim.
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Get a quick quote for smash repairs

Just upload your smash and we take care of everything. We handle the entire smash repairs process from start to finish.

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Find Your Nearest Workshop

With convenient locations around Victoria, there's always a Sheen workshop near you.

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All of our workshops are VACC members, which means you can count on us to repair your vehicle to the highest possible standard. Our qualified staff undertake regular training from I-CAR, and our spray painters receive training from BASF so they can expertly match manufacturers’ paints.


We use state-of-the-art technology, including the latest Car-O-Liner measuring benches, high-tech computer scanners, and BASF Glasurit paints, to transform all vehicles to their pre-accident condition.

Find your nearest location

With multiple stores located across Melbourne and regional Victoria, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Sheen Panel Service in your vicinity. As well as offering extended opening hours, we also provide a mobile pick-up service, so we can come to you at a time and place that’s convenient.

frequently asked 

How much does a front-end or bumper repair cost?
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Collision repair costs vary depending on the damages. Your car may need small cosmetic repairs, in which case costs will be lower than if significant repairs are required. For instance, a new front-end assembly can cost a couple thousand or more, while a simple repair, such as replacing a headlight, may only cost a few hundred dollars.

At Sheen, we can help you avoid unnecessary costly repairs. We’re transparent about all the costs involved as well as the parts we use, the steps we undertake and how car insurance works in your particular situation. We’ll also work with your insurance company to get your car to pre-accident condition as cost-effectively as possible.

How long do front-end repairs take?
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It depends on the severity of the damage. A basic repair that just requires new parts to be installed may only take a few hours, but a more complex repair that involves finding and repairing hidden damage could take days or even weeks. We give you an estimate of how long a repair will take before beginning any work.

Can the front end of a car be fixed?
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The front end of a car can be fixed. It usually involves replacing the springs, shocks, and struts, and sometimes it also includes replacing the bumper, headlight assembly, and grill.

However, depending on how badly the front end is damaged, it may be more cost-effective to simply replace the entire car. In addition, some insurance companies will only allow a certain amount of repairs to be made to a car before deeming it a "total loss" and paying out the full value of the policy to the owner.

Upload your smash to get started with Sheen

By uploading photos of your smash, Sheen can help you get back on the road sooner. Using the photos you provide, we can get started on preparing an accurate quote for smash repairs.

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