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We can safely tow your vehicle across Laverton

Need a tow in Laverton? Contact Sheen! Our team is like the pit crew of your dreams – seasoned pros with exceptional car towing services. We’re talking:

  • Super-fast responses (because waiting is a drag)
  • Prices that won’t make your wallet weep
  • Delivery that spans the great Aussie land
  • 24/7 emergency towing (because car troubles don’t take a day off)

Rain or shine, day or night, our crew’s ready to roll out. From those “Oh no!” emergency tows to cool, calm, collected scheduled deliveries, Laverton is covered with top-notch towing that won't break the bank. Trust us, we're the towing experts you've been looking for!

About our Laverton towing service

Got a car that won’t budge? Sheen’s towing squad to the rescue, any time, day or night – we’re like the superheroes of towing, always available! Just dial us up and tell us your:

  • Vehicle – your car's make, model and registration.
  • Location – exact address or detailed area description.
  • Details – a contact name and information.

Need an emergency tow or got a delivery on the books? We’re your go-to team. Our drivers are cruising across Laverton and beyond, with handy depots in Frankston, Bayswater, and Rosebud.

Ready to get moving? Give Sheen a shout now, and let’s roll!

Our insurer-approved Melbourne panel beater at the computer, making a claim.

What can we tow?

At Sheen, we're like the towing wizards of Laverton – if it's got wheels (and even if it doesn't), we can tow it! Cars, SUVs, big trucks, you name it. Our team's got skills, experience, and a magic touch that can handle any towing challenge.

Our fleet near Laverton is decked out with the crème de la crème of tow trucks – think Hino, Isuzu, and Ford. They're not just any trucks; they're the towing titans ready to conquer:

  • Your everyday cars, SUVs, and those adventurous 4WDs
  • Holiday-ready trailers and caravans
  • Swanky classic and prestige cars
  • Big, burly machinery and equipment
  • Handy light trucks and vans

Got something out-of-the-box? A towing puzzle, perhaps? Bring it on! We love a good challenge. Tell us what you need, and we'll tailor our towing services just for you. Let’s make towing fun! 

towing services Melbourne wide

We have 3 separate depots ready to attend to your towing request.

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towing services

When you need an emergency tow, we’re your go-to

Accidents happen. Fortunately, with our car towing services, Sheen can pick up your vehicle and bring it to one of our panel beating workshops as soon as possible. We have a fleet of tow trucks operating around Victoria, ready to give you a lift.

Like all Sheen services, our car towing service is here to keep you on the road, no matter what’s happened.

Had a bit of a mishap? No worries! In Laverton, Sheen's tow truck drivers are always on standby. We'll swoop in, scoop up your car, and zip it off to one of our panel-beating workshops. Our fleet zooms all over the state, always ready to lend a helping hand (or wheel!).

And hey, it's all in a day's work at Sheen. Our towing isn't just about moving metal; it's about keeping your journey going, no matter the bumps or scrapes along the way. So, when life throws a spanner in the works, just remember – Sheen's got your back, and we're here to keep you rolling!

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The towing process

We’re here to pick you up at all locations around Laverton. Here’s how we do it:

Two Sheen workers trying to fix the front of a wrecked vehicle.


Contact us

Get in touch with Sheen via phone or upload your smash to get started on repairs and your insurance claim.

Round image of a woman handing a mechanic the keys to her car.


Drop off or pickup

To get a quote, bring your vehicle to your nearest workshop, or have it towed by Sheen.

Image of a man inside a Sheen vehicle and a Sheen member talking to him through the window.


Repairs begin

Drive away in an accident replacement vehicle while our team starts to repair your vehicle.


Pick up

Your vehicle is back to pre-accident condition. You can pick it up or we can deliver it to you.


Contact us

Get in touch with Sheen Towing, and we’ll give you a towing quote based on your location and vehicle type.


Approve quote

Once you approve the quote, we'll arrange a tow truck to collect your vehicle at a time that suits.


Get a tow

We'll relocate your vehicle or tow it to your nearest Sheen workshop.


Repair vehicle

If your vehicle has been in an accident, we'll restore it to its pre-smash condition.

Depot details

Frequently asked questions about towing vehicles

frequently asked 

Can you tow cars anywhere in Melbourne?
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At Sheen, we're all about providing top-notch towing services across Melbourne, and yes, that includes Laverton too. If your vehicle needs a lift, we're here for you. With our well-equipped depots in Frankston, Box Hill, Bayswater, and Rosebud, we ensure your vehicle is safely transported for repairs. It's like having a reliable friend for your car in times of need. 

How long will it take for the tow truck to get to me?
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Contact your nearest Sheen panel beater workshop for a precise estimate of the time needed for your vehicle's service. We'll evaluate your car's specific needs, its location, and our current workload to provide you with an accurate timeframe. It's all about ensuring you get a realistic idea of when your vehicle will be ready. 

Can you offer roadside assistance?
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It's best to contact your insurance provider or a dedicated roadside assistance service if you need roadside assistance. At Sheen, our expertise lies in towing vehicles to our panel-beating workshops or other specified locations around Melbourne, as per your request. For immediate roadside help, your insurer or a roadside assistance organisation will be your primary resource.

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